A number of dog photos in this group!

After years of hard work, Walter
finally realized his dream: To teach
his dog Skippy how to fly.

The young Inspector Bertrand took
on his toughest case to date when he
attempted to solve the mystery of just
who, on the Place de la Republic, had
been pissing all over the mailbox.

The boys at Cambridge Prep were of the
opinion that "Teddy," the new student,
provided a quite titillating — if very
unfamiliar — change of pace.

Most people are unfamiliar with the
story of Prince Kong, King Kong's younger

Hansie's favorite game to play with
his owner was "hide and seek." Though
he pretty much sucked at it.

Rene's day was never really good
for much after taking her late-morning
Tincture of Opium.

Elvis was just glad that he could finally
count on getting "three hots and a cot."

After an hour of fierce discussion, the
members of the East side Cosa Nostra decided
that there was a fairly good chance that they
were being spied on.

September 16, 1948: Rock N' Roll is
invented by an obscure Tyrolean polka
band named "The Snitzels."

When it came time to get her photo
taken, Annette wanted everyone to know
that a woman's best friend is ALSO
her dog.