As you've probably noticed, it's been very quiet around here the past
few weeks without our good Opera friend Angeliki.

A little too quiet…

Well, today I got a card from Angeliki, who has been spending time in
Pennsylvania with her family. After taking care of some initial problems
with some broken pipes and washing machine she is really enjoying her
vacation. Sipping coffee in the morning and watching an eagle fly overhead,
watching beautiful sunsets — that kind of thing. As I write this, she
will be staying with an Amish family for 10 ten days. It wasn't exactly
determined before she left whether she was going to be doing any actual
milking of cows on the Amish farm. But I hope she does. I'm sure that
would make for a very entertaining story.

She wanted me to tell everyone hi — Star and Allan and Darko and all
the rest. So — Hi from Angeliki!