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One of my professors out at college used to
tell us that virtually from the time we are born,
we are programmed to be good consumers.

Long before there was Dr. Galm, there was
Charlie Chaplin. In this excerpt from Modern
The Tramp is used as a guinea pig for a
wonderful new invention that would simplify our
over-burdened lives — and literally cram products
right down our throats.

In the later part of the video, The Tramp
goes berserk with a wrench in the factory
where he works, scares the hell out of a
very hot blonde who passes his way, and
attempts to "fix" a fire hydrant. And,
while that would be quite enough mayhem in
one day for most of us, The Tramp it seems
is just getting started.

Following his quite involuntary committment
to a mental asylum, the doctor gives him a
bit of advice as he is released:

"Take it easy — and avoid excitement!"

Wise words. Like the Eating Machine not very
practical perhaps, but wise nonetheless.