The new eggplant.

Following the nice fried eggplant that I made
last month, I decided that since my sister
was in town that I would expand upon the idea
a bit and do something more with the basic
eggplant idea.

This time, I cooked the eggplant in the same
way but since I was going to put it with pasta
I cut it into cubes instead of slices. Then I
dipped the cubes in egg and flour and fried
them up in vegetable oil. Olive oil probably
would have been better, but olive oil is about
10X the price of gas these days. So I went with
the more economical vegetable oil.

Then I fried some green peppers that I had cut up.

As for the spaghetti, I laced it with Kraft
Italian Pesto dressing.

I used some sliced cold kiwi as a garnish
and for a little desert.

This was a fairly time intensive dish.
I started the prep work at 3:00 and
didn't sit down to eat until 4:30. Both
my mom and my sister helped relieve me
at the fry pan every once in a while.
So it really was a group effort.

It turned out very well. In fact, my
mom said it was the best pasta dish
she had ever had. And my sister really
enjoyed it too.

Viola! Pesto Pasta with Fried Eggplant
and Green Pepper.