Some Eggs Benedict. With eggs. Go figure.

This morning my mom made some eggs benedict. She ate hers earlier,
late morning, and left the sauce on the stove for me to reheat.

So a while ago I got hungry. I went in and popped the muffins in the
toaster and turned the burner on for the Hollandaise sauce. Then I came
back to the computer for a bit.

And then I forgot about the sauce.

Suddenly, I remembered the sauce. I ran back into the kitchen. It was
boiling like crazy and was beginning to stick on the bottom. I yanked
the pan off the burner. I didn't know how it was going to taste having
cooked that long. I put a bit of the sauce on a spoon and tasted it.
Not very good, but still edible.

So I grabbed a plate and took the hot sauce and put it over a few muffins
and got my favorite fork and went back to the desk and began to eat.

I had most of the Egg's Benedict in my stomach when I suddenly remembered
something: I hadn't poached any eggs to put on it.

If I remember correctly, Eggs Benedict is actually made with eggs.