Tricia Helfer, who has now seen me naked.

I had an interesting dream last night. I don't care about
the meaning or interpretation of the dream. Dreams to me
are merely the wanderings of the still earth-bound ba.
At this point in my life I am beyond those kinds of meanings.
But I thought it was an interesting dream, telling a little
story, so I put it here.

I was in an upper lobby at some hotel. In a chair in
front of me was Tricia Helfer. I had been talking with
her, evidently. I left the upper lobby and suddenly I
was in a hallway in some school. I walked down the
hallway of the school and went into one room. It was
like a hospital room, and in the bed lay my sister
Tass in a while hospital gown. I took Tass's hand in
mine. "I love you, Tass" I said to her. "And I always
will." I then walked out of the room.

I walked down the hall and went into another room. This
room was tiled with dark blue tiles, about 2 feet square
each. Some of the tiles were simply blue. But most had a
tan and light blue pattern on them. I realized that what
the pattern represented was the stratiagraphy underneath,
with the patterns representing various artifacts. I walked
out of the room and there stood two of my archaeology
teachers, Dr. Keller and Dr. Galm. I smiled at them, but
they gave me a dirty look.

I walked a bit further and the hallway opened out into
an area resembling a hotel lobby again. I went through
some double doors and it turned out to be an elevator.
I took the elevator up a few floors to the top floor.
When I got out, I realized that it was the same upper
lobby where I had been before, but that I was now naked.
I walked over and there sat Tricia Helfer, just like she
had been before, but with a few more people in the group.
I felt terrible that my body was so skinny and emaciated.
And I knew that Tricia could see the lump of my pacemaker
in my chest. More, there seemed now to be a thin ridge in
my flesh extending from the pacemaker to my stomach, as
if there were a thick wire just below the skin. Tricia
looked at me. I had no idea what was going through her
mind. But I wasn't optimistic.

And the dream ended.