I have all of this junk that I've collected
over the years over in my wall bookcase. So
I decided to show you some of the artifacts
I discovered going through the case. More
stuff will be covered in another post
— and there is LOTS more stuff.

This fearsome creature defended the Temple.
I had to shoo it away.

A financial printing company that I worked
for in the 80s gave these small cubes away
to clients. They contain tiny little
prospectuses — down to the printing on the
page, which you can actually read with a
magnifying glass.

An acorn, a tiny house, and a guitar pick.
If I remember correctly the little house
was a Christmas present from my sister.

Back in ancient, pre-digital days, human
beings had to take pictures using machines
like this one. It is a Kodak Duaflex IV,
and has a 72 mm f/8-16 lens.

This small chicken winds up and walks, and
lays jellybean eggs out its butt.

A box made in India with its contents (l.-r.):
A canadian coin, a miniature box cutter,
a small rock (basalt), a meteor fragment
from the Ballinger meteor crater in Arizona,
an unidentified polished stone, and 4 Russian
(Soviet) coins.