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My mom was always a big Glen Campbell fan. When I was a kid she had
one of his albums — I think it was the only album she owned — and she
would listen to it occasionally on the phonograph. She listened to the
radio a lot, and when one of Glen's songs came on she would go up and
turn the radio up just a bit. She didn't like loud music. But for Glen,
she would turn the volume dial at least a bit higher.

She got to go see him in the early 70s at the Butler Bowl in Indianapolis.
Strangely, she went with my dad (her ex-husband) and my dad's girlfriend
Esther. New girlfriend or not, she was going to see Glen Campbell, and the
new girlfriend could just go to hell.

Gee, I wonder where I get my attitudes from.

Anyway, here's Glen singing "Galveston." Not exactly a light song. Most
AM songs don't include a line like "I'm so afraid of dying."