Brooke Shields having a pleasant
conversation with a Volkswagen.

They've been showing another of those Volkswagen commercials here lately.
I never have liked those commercials. I don't know what advertising firm
VW had working on those, but they might consider changing agencies.

But I like this new VW commercial. So perhaps they did hire some new
advertising people; because this one is actually funny.

And not only that, but they got Brooke Shields to do it. Yeah, 6'0" of
Brooke Shieldian goddess just to sell a car (or maybe it's a SUV, or
maybe it's one of those new crossover thingies).

Always does my heart better, seeing Brooke Shields. She went through
some post-partum depression a few years back after having her baby
and went on anti-depressants. For which Scientologist Tom Cruise
blasted her. I'd like to punch that guy.

Besides commercials, it seems that Brooke has a new series coming up this
Fall, too. I hope it goes well for her.

And if you want to see her in her boring Blue Lagoon days, well here ya go.

A scene from Lipstick Jungle. Sometimes you
just gotta talk down to these men.