I try not to look through the wrong end of the telescope. The eyepiece
of a telescope points outward to the universe, not inward to our little
planet. But every once in a while I think about this world of ours —
sometimes negatively, I'll admit — sometimes positively. In fact lately
I've been doing more of the later. Just to kind of balance things.

So the other night as I laid in bed watching television I came up with a
list of things that are good or at least sort of unique about this Earth.

  • Best nachos in the universe. Probably.
  • Among the stupidest sentinent tool-making species to be found on any
    planet. We should win some sort of an award for that.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • Some pretty nice sunsets, even if we are limited to a single sun.
  • Greatest variety of cheese. We may be stupid, but we're certainly
    great at making cheese.
  • No gigantic black holes in our immediately vicinity.

That's really all I could think of.

Well, nobody said we were truly special here. That's our own idea.