It occurred to me recently, like about 10 minutes ago, that cable TV has
TBN, which is a (mostly) Protestant Christian channel. Then they have EWTN,
which my mom watches pretty much constantly if she's not channel surfing,
which is a (mostly) Catholic Christian channel.

But it also occurred to me that at least here in the States they don't have a
Hindu/Buddhist channel.

If you put the two religions together, Hinduism and Buddhism, they would
comprise about the third largest religion by percentage. So it really does
seem as if those religions should have their own channel.

But what kind of programming could we expect to see on such a channel?
Well, I'm not sure exactly. But I did have a few ideas. So here they are.


5:00-6:00. "Sunrise Sitar with Ravi O'Donnell." Ravi plays this
morning's hymn to the sun.

6:00-7:00. "The Bhagavad-Gita." An exegesis of the passage "one falls
down when reasoning is destroyed."

7:00-8:00. "Beginning Tibetan Buddhist Chant." Lesson 326.

8:00-9:00. "Life of Buddha." Episode VI.

9:00-12:00. "One Hand Clapping with Zen Master Hiroshima Shiko." Today
Master Shiko beats on a rock with a stick.

12:00-1:00. "Intermediate Tibetan Buddhist Chant." Lesson 424.

1:00-4:00. Movie. Ghandi. Ben Kingsley, Roshan Seth.

4:00-5:00. "Secrets of the Buddhist Masters." Covered today is how not
to step on bugs.

5:00-6:00. "Carl Jung On Religion." Part 3 of 4.

6:00-9:00. Movie. Ghandi. Ben Kingsley, Roshan Seth.

9:00-10:00. "Yoga for Dudes." Covered is the Salute to the Sun.

10:00-11:00. "Kama Sutra for Dummies." The Flying Squirrel and the Hilarious
Monkey positions.

11:00-12:00. "Evening Sitar with Ravi O'Donnell." Ravi plays this evening's
closing raga.

[12:00-5:00. INFOMERCIALS.]

(And please, people. This is an ROB post.
I'm an anthropologist, I respect all religions.
NEXT MONTH: I come down hard on the Amish.)