I wasn't going to vote this year. There are a lot of reasons for that,
but perhaps the primary one is that I probably won't live to see the
next President complete their first term of office anyway. Which
somehow tends to make me not give a shit.

But I got to thinking — why waste a perfectly good vote when maybe I
could get some cash for it?

So. My vote is up for sale. I was thinking about putting it up for sale
on eBay, but there is too much work involved setting up all the right
accounts you need. So I thought I would just sell it here on my blog.

For the very reasonable price of $1200 (USD), I will vote for whoever
you want me to vote for. I will even vote for some weird or totally
unelectable 3rd party candidate like the Libertarians or whatever if
that's what you want.

And, if you act now, I will throw in my votes for the Congressional
election at no extra charge. That's a helluva deal, if you ask me.

One thing: you have to let me know and the money order has to be
in my hands by October 3rd, or the offer is void.

Sorry — no checks, no cards, no Zimbabwean currency.