This monster truck is excellent for running
over other vehicles and small animals.

My new dog, Sasha, is a little on the agoraphobic side. I take her out
on her leash to the front of my apartment building, hoping she will
pottie outside, but she always balks. Sometimes she will sniff the grass
a bit. This usually lasts a maximum of one minute. Then she starts pulling
me back to the front steps, wanting to go inside. Let me rephrase that —
whining and insisting that we go back inside.

I took her out this morning, as always hopeful that she would do better
with the outdoors. We weren't out in the yard more than 30 seconds when
this big-ass truck went by — the type with the oversize wheels and the
engine that sounds like an old fashioned railroad locomotive.

It scared the hell out of her. She is scared even of normal automobiles
and motorcycles, let alone something like that.

I guess I never really thought of it before, but you know, those big
trucks are just stupid. I'm sorry, but I call a spade a spade when I run
into it. They are noisy, dangerous to other vehicles if involved in an
accident, and it takes the creation of about two new off-shore oil wells
to fuel them for a year.

Umberto Eco said it best I think, in his essay "Travels in Hyperreality."
America is obsessed with Bigness. If there's More Of It, we're All For It.
If trucks are good, then huge trucks are better. If you want a burger, why
not go for one so big that you can't even get your mouth around it. And,
strangely, if you want to live nicely, then living richly is even better.
And we wonder how we get into such messes as the current real-estate/banking
fiasco. It might pertain to blame Wall Street and the banking industry. But
they are really only reflecting our culture of conspicuous consumption.
(Richard has written well of this in a recent post.)

Well, I do know one thing. Monster trucks can scare the hell out of puppies.

I don't like them. I wish they'd just go away. Fall into some strange time-
warp thing back to the 50s.