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I don't think you could really consider
Kirsten Dunst to be naked here.

I had two versions ready of a post about deconstructing
the music of the past, specifically baroque opera, but
decided not to post them as soon as I ran into this
interesting video
about how to get that Marie Antoinette
hairdo for Halloween. Which, believe me, is a lot less boring.

I don't know if this was the way they achieved that kind
of hair back in 1785, but it is very interesting to watch.
And she does the face makeup too at the end of it.

As a part of all that I also ran into somebody who had put
parts from the movie Marie Antoinette up on youTube.

The really interesting section in the video starts about
5:10 in, when Kirsten Dunst gets naked. In fact I was
originally going to title this post "Kirsten Dunst Naked,"
which would probably be worth about 1000 extra hits to
my blog per year, but I didn't want to be one of those
people who promise a lot more than they deliver. Sort
of like when you type the name of a music group or a song
into Google and end up getting about a million links to
what proves to be nothing but ringtones.

Although if you really do want to get a Marie Antoinette
ringtone, you can get it here.

You know, I can be such a shit sometimes.