An Opera Quantum of Solace Post.

My favorite Bond car. The '71 Mustang
Mach I in Diamonds Are Forever.

They've been offering about six James Bond
movies on my freebie on-demand cable channel
recently. So I've been doing a sort of 007
marathon with them. I imagine that they will
be putting on others in a few weeks. So I
thought I would put up my favorite Bond girls
to date, just for the record.

This list is very much different than most
I've come across out there on the web.

#10 Teri Hatcher — "Paris Carver"
Tomorrow Never Dies.

To be honest, I just brought in Teri
because I needed someone to make an
even 10.

#9 Lois Maxwell — "Miss Moneypenny"

It's one thing to be a secret agent and
go traipsing all over the world meeting
all sorts of beautiful women. But who's
gonna type your letters, huh, smarty?

#8 Lynn-Holly Johnson — "Bibi Dahl"
For Your Eyes Only.

Sure, she's young. And let's just say
she's (cough cough) extremely exuberant.
But you can't tell me Bond doesn't at
least think about it.

#7 Angela Scoular — "Ruby Bartlett"
On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Who said guys don't make passes at girls
who wear glasses? I include Angela because
in face and build she's really more my
normal type of girl.

#6 Kim Basinger — "Domino Petachi"
Never Say Never Again.

The shear dress she wears at the end of
Never Say Never Again is permanently
etched in my memory.

#5 Carrie Lowell — "Pam Bouvier"
License to Kill.

A lot of people didn't like Carrie. But I
thought she was the most "80s" Bond girl. And
the dress she wears to the casino definitely
does it. Or, for that matter, the teddy that
she ends up going swimming in.

#4 Diana Rigg — "Tracey diVecenzo"
On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

How could you not love Diana aka Mrs.Peel
as a tough Mafia princess and (incidentally)
one hell of a good driver? To my knowledge,
she was the only "Mrs. Bond."

#3 Tanya Roberts — "Stacey Sutton"
A View to a Kill.

I just like Tanya anyway, especially in
Beastmaster, so this choice was
a no-brainer for me.

#2 Jill St. John — "Tiffany Case"
Diamonds Are Forever.

A redhead. A very hot redhead. Enough said.

#1 Sophie Marceau — "Elektra King"
The World Is Not Enough.

Somebody rated The World is Not Enough
as one of the worst Bond films. Who cares.
Sophie is drop dead beautiful in this, and
positively oozes ultra-femme appeal. Sure,
she might be the villain behind an international
oil cartel and threaten to nuke Istanbul. But
what woman doesn't have her little flaws?

It must be really tough being a secret agent.

And if you want to check out your favorite Bond movie
character, you can go to this excellent site, which
is where I got most of this stuff.

I also thought I would throw in a little trivia contest.

Q: What 2 Bond movies did comedian John Cleese star in?