Well it's only six days until it's finally over: The
next election will be a thing of the past. Which
will be a great relief given the negative campaign
ads we've been bombarded with here in the
gubernatorial race in Washington State. It's
enough to make even the most die-hard concerned
citizen flee to a mountain cabin and shun
politics forever.

Dino Rossi is a Republican. George Bush is
a Republican. Do you really want four years
of mismanaged Republican rule in our State?

Christine Gregoire is a chronic liar who
will do anything for her next shot of booze.
Do you really think a lying alcoholic should
run our State?

Dino Rossi backs the national NRA agenda and
wants to keep guns in the hands of criminals.
Do you want your next governor to go around
shooting people?

Christine Gregoire is a secret Communist
who will raise taxes and spend all your
hard earned money on useless government
programs. Is that the type of person you
want as governor?

Dino Rossi is a child molester who makes
pornographic movies with animals. Do you
really want that kind of sick pervert to
run your State?

Christine Gregoire is a witch who
sacrifices babies to the devil. Do you
really think a Satan worshipper should
be our next governor?