Most likely due to the new changes in Opera here,
I have been unable to upload photos or to access
my Files folder for such for the past four days.

Since pretty much all of my posts use images in
some way or another, this means that I am unable
to put up any new blog posts.

So I just wanted everyone to know that until
the Powers That Be at Opera fix whatever the
hell it is that is broken, that this blog will
have no new posts.

And in case you are wondering how I got the
photo for this post, I went back to an old
blog post and copied the line of code for
the image. Yeah, that's what I've been reduced
to — cannibalizing old posts. Pretty damn sad.

But you can still leave Comments if you want.
And if there's anything you'd like to talk
about, go ahead and leave it here on this post.
Up to and including the subject of cannibalism.
Why the hell not, I got nothing else to do.
Okay I do have other good things to do, but
I'm too lazy to do them.

Later, gators.