Baby, Bogie, and Marilyn.

It seems that over the past few hours that the Powers That Be here at
Opera have been doing something. Specifically, they've been working on
getting the problem of not being able to upload photos to a post fixed.
And I can now access my FILES folder, which isn't really worth much
except it allows me to add photos to Comments again.

As it stands, if you try to upload a photo on your post you get a line
of code, and a note telling you that you should paste that line into
your post. But the result is not an image in your post. It's only a link
to the photo in your folder.

And of course this really shouldn't be the case. If you can't upload
images to your posts quickly and easily, the site is pretty much useless
— at least in today's blogging world.

But there is one bit of McGuyvering that you can do to get the photos in
your posts anyway. For those who may not be into the whole code thing,
here is the way to do it. Or at least it is one way to do it — and fairly

STEP 1. In ADD NEW POST, upload your photo in the normal way. You will get
something that looks like this:


STEP 2. Go ahead and paste the line into your post in the spot where you
want your photo to be.

STEP 3. Edit the line so that it looks like this:


That's it. If you've typed everything correctly it should work.

If you want the image left or right instead of center, just use IMGLEFT

As Angeliki notes, you can also embed photos into your post from an
outside source like Photobucket. I prefer not to go to that. If somewhere
up the road Photobucket goes out of business, your posts won't have photos
anymore. Whereas if Opera goes out of business, you lose your entire blog
anyway so it really doesn't make any difference at that point.

Anyway, I hope this helps a few people until such time as things are
working the way they used to — i.e. working right.