Last night was Art Walk here in Spokane,
an event held downtown on the first Friday
of each month. What galleries there are
downtown usually coincide their art openings
with Art Walk, and many of the little boutiques
do temporary shows. But it really isn't any
big deal. Mainly it's just an excuse for
people to go downtown and go to restaurants,
see a movie, or perhaps listen to a band.
Last night the whole thing was amplified
by the fact that Christmas is coming up
and a lot of folks were getting in some
shopping also.

I hadn't been to Art Walk since last Spring.
So I decided to get my ass out of the house
for a change and go. After having a drink at
my local watering hole waiting for the light
rain to quit, I hoped a bus downtown.

Having a drink and waiting for the rain to
let up at Sunset Junction.

The rain quit just in time for this
nice sunset.

Getting downtown, I took care of important
matters first — like stopping in for another
drink at this little bar inside a restaurant
whose name I never have been able to remember.
Back in the ancient days, me and my now
ex-girlfriend used to meet here after she got
off work.

Across from the bar there's this boutique
called Black and White. So of course…

Santa Claus flirting with a lovely Loreena
McKennitt type at Riverpark Square. Santa's
real name is Jim. He and his wife Sharon
used to be upstairs neighbors of mine.

One of the things about Art Walk is
that it does involve some walking.

And this time a color one.

The annual tree lighting inside the
Davenport Hotel, which this year I found
rather disappointing. I left after 10

Hopping a bus back to Browne's Addition, I
stopped and took this picture outside my local
grocery. Then I stopped again at Sunset Junction
and had another drink. Then I went home and ate
a ham and cheese sandwich.

My final conclusion looking at last night's
results was that I could do with an upgrade
of my camera to one with Image Stabilization.
So I guess I'm going to do that.