There's this commercial on TV right now with
actress Jane Seymour, former Bond girl and
long-time star of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, who
is advertising a pendant she designed that is
being sold through Kay Jewelers.

The pendant represents "the artist's idea that
if one's heart is open, it will never stay broken.
Additionally, the two open hearts blending together
symbolize that two people can be one, while still
retaining their individuality."

I guess that Kay Jewelers liked Jane's abstract
heart design better than my own idea…

…the Minoan Snake Goddess pendant.

"Minoan Snake Goddess Pendant" is the intellectual property
of Edward Piercy. Snake Goddess pendants may not be manufactured
or distributed without the express consent of Edward Piercy.
Do not use Minoan Snake Goddess pendant in conjunction with
other pendants, as this may cause severe earthquakes and
plagues. Individuals with liver disease or women who are
nursing or pregant or who may become pregnant should consult
a physician before wearing Minoan Snake Goddess pendants.
Catholics and Lutherans who wear the pendant may be subject
to excommunication and burned at the stake as heretics. Not
available in Madagascar.