Dali's lobster phone.

Salvador Dali once wondered why nobody made a telephone in the shape of
a lobster. I suppose because it would just be really cool to do so. For a
long time I thought that it was a passing fancy of his. But today I discovered
that Dali and a friend did make a working model of the lobster phone.

But it seems that nobody since has gone with the idea and developed a
marketable lobster phone (from now on let's just call it the l-Phone).

I think the l-Phone needs to be upgraded for 2Y9. The overall size of the
lobster unit itself should be reduced a little. And they need to get rid of
the rotary dial and base and put buttons into the l-Phone unit just like
a cell phone. In fact I think it would be very easy to combine smart-phone
type features into the l-Phone.