One thing about Brigitte Bardot,
she always was sure to give the
photographers what they wanted.

The women at Merrill Lynch worked
hard. And when they played, they
played hard.

Dan figured that with a quick wash
and a good waxing, the turtles would
look good as new.

Dorothy's grades in school dropped
considerably after she bought her
home entertainment system.

Fidel Castro always did admire the
cut of Abraham Lincoln's beard.

Katie McDougal was the most popular
sweatshirt model of the 1950s.

After 10 hours of serious fighting,
the revolutionaries were glad to
finally take the broken-down stone thing
at the top of the hill.

Hot or not, the bank manager just
could not make the widow Compton another
sub-prime loan.

Yukio didn't care what the other soldiers
in his unit thought: He had found the donkey,
and he was damn well going to keep the donkey.

Alice got a good number of looks in
her new sunglasses. Quite a good number
of looks.

General Kupovszky spent most of his days
filling out the paperwork to get himself
a new medal.