My secretary hard at work.

My new dog Sasha is a very good girl pretty
much. But she does have her quirks.

Almost from the time I brought her home she
seemed fascinated by letters, i.e. mail. It
started out with her getting into my extension
cabinet next to my desk and finding an envelope,
some old bill I had from maybe four years ago
(I really need to clean out that cabinet) and
then chewing it to pieces.

After shredding the first piece of mail, she
soon found others in the cabinet and started
chewing them up as well. Eventually, she ran
out of envelopes. So after a few weeks or so
I got to feeling kind of sorry for her that
she hadn't "gotten any mail" recently, and I
started giving her other, newer pieces of mail.

You know, stuff like bills I don't want to pay.

Like I said, she's a good dog.