Jennifer Love Hewitt, top and bottom.

Tonight I made a tomato salad. First I cut up the tomatoes. Then I got
out the package of shredded cheese. I pulled the two sides of the pack
open, or I should say I tried to. I couldn't get the pack to open. Which
seemed odd given that the bag only seemed half-full, and therefor it
seemed that the bag would have already been opened and easy to deal with.
So using my fingers I tore the top side and pulled the plastic away across
the top, because that's what you do with a new bag of cheese — tear the
top to access the plastic re-closeable seal. But I still couldn't get the
packet open.

Finally, I gave up. I decided I would just cut the damn thing open. I
set the packet down on the cutting board and reached in and got a sharp
knife. When I picked the packet up again I realized something: I had
been trying to open the bag from the wrong end, from the bottom end.

Totally stupid.

Finally getting the packet open — from the actual top — I put the grated
cheese on the tomatoes and some cracker crumbs and some salad dressing.

I went in to watch TV and eat the salad. I ended up watching the last
half of Ghost Whisperer. I will say one thing, there's no mistaking top
from bottom when it comes to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

There was something new on the show, or at least new to me not having
watched it for a good while. It seems that Jennifer Hewitt's business
partner's son now has a hot ghost girlfriend.

Let me say that again: A hot ghost girlfriend.

I don't know what you would do with a hot ghost girlfriend, except maybe
to hang out and talk and not have sex.

But come to think of it, that's pretty much what I did with my last