Well I'm totally out of ideas.
Looks like it's time for another
Junk Drawer post.

Gamera destroying Tokyo.

I guess Godzilla was on vacation.

Salomon Andree's failed 1897 attempt
to reach the North Pole by balloon.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and his dog, 1969.

Chemical pathways in anaerobic organisms.

Uh, it's a long story.

A redhead? A party?

Count me in.

And another redhead who looks like she
knows how to have a good time.

WARNING: If she gives you anything to
sign, be sure to read the fine print.

Not sure, but I think this was my
last dentist.

Come to think of it, no, my dentist was
older. And more sadistic.

If you've ever dreamed of what Joan Blondell
looked like naked in a bathtub — well,
here ya go.

Andy Warhol.


A Greek poster for an animated version
of Ben Hur.

Marilyn Monroe on the set of Let's
Make Love
(1960). She looks pretty
damn serious for someone making a light
romantic comedy.

As is the tradition, we conclude with a
sleazy photo of some actress or celebrity.
This time it's Rie Rasmussen, shown here
getting kinda kinky in the toilet in
Angel-A (2005). Some guys have
all the fun.