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Patricia Arquette.

A long while back I did a post talking about the NBC series Medium coming
back on after being on hiatus for a while. I got several inquiries to that
post asking me about it. The only thing I could tell them at that point was
that is seemed to have been cancelled. Or perhaps due to the writer's strike
had just run through what number of episodes they already had in the can.
It's hard to figure out this stuff anymore. The networks just seem to do
whatever they want to do, and without any concern for the viewer. It's like,
screw those viewers, they'll watch what we give them and they'll damn well
like it.

I've never much liked the show. It has far too little psychic stuff in it and
way too much soccer mom stuff, and way way too much of Patricia and her
husband lying in bed talking. The only reason I watch the show, when I do
watch it, is because I have the total hots for Patricia Arquette. She's an
Aries, by the way — my best sign.

Tonight, Medium returns to the lineup, pretty much like it did last year,
as a mid-season replacement. In fact it seems the networks are more and
more moving to a "two season" concept. In January they dump the shows
that haven't been working since September and replace them with new ones
they think might work. And for many shows, like Medium, January through
May seems to be the new, normal running period.

So. That's all the news on that for a while.

Until something changes. And please, if they take Medium off again, don't
ask me about it — e-mail NBC instead.