Too many mushrooms!

A few months back I was walking down the isle at my local grocery across
the street when I noticed a new item in the rice and box dinner section.

The new item was Kohinoor Indian dinners, and they come in a small, thin
box. My own store had 3 different varieties. I ended up buying some just
to try it — "you never know until you try" as my dad used to say.

I was very impressed with the quality. They taste very, very close to the
Indian dishes that you can get at a restaurant. Of the 3 dinners I tried,
I liked the Punjabi Kadhi Pakora the best, which is described on the box
as "Bengal gram flour dumplings with spinach yogurt gravy." It was very
good. But another one, the Achari Mushroom, I didn't like. It just tasted
like a spicy bunch of mushrooms — way too much on the mushroom thing
for my taste. I suppose the Achari might be a little better served over

These are very easy to make. You just take the packet that comes inside
the box and throw it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then just take it
out and open the envelope and put it into a bowl. That's it. And oh, eat
it. I forgot that one.

The quantity is fairly small. So it's best if they are served with some
sort of side dish, especially if you are a person with a big appetite.

And by the way, don't expect the dinners to look the same as they look
on the box. Unlike an Indian restaurant, they really aren't great from a
visual standpoint. If you would serve these to a guest they'd probably
just look down at the bowl and say to themselves "What the…?"

But the Kohinoor dinners are fast and relatively cheap. If you buy them
online (I haven't yet) they are even cheaper and you can probably find
more variety than at your grocery store.

So if you aren't an expert on Indian style cooking, or if you don't happen
to have an Indian restaurant located conveniently nearby, or if you don't
really have the money to spend at an Indian restaurant, or if you are madly
in love with the hot cashier at your grocery and want to go over as many
times as possible, these dinners are a way of having decent Indian food
without too much trouble.