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I've been totally obsessed with Kathryn Morris the past three days.

Three days. For me that's serious. But what I don't understand is why it
happened. After all, I've been watching Kathryn on Cold Case for years
now. And while I did always think she was beautiful — as well as the
palest woman on television — she never really connected with me for some
reason. Perhaps it's the fact that she is so skinny. I really don't know.

And then, the other night, something just clicked. And since then I find
myself lying in bed thinking about her as I try to go to sleep. Her gorgeous
face. Her pale, almost vampire-like skin. Her tight little derriere…

I wish I had some money. If I did, I would go to L.A., rent a car, and
follow her around for a while.

I don't mean that I would stalk her, of course. I just mean that I would
put on a nice suit, grab a pair of binoculars, and follow her around in
the rental car for a few days. And maybe send her flowers every day. And
probably sleep in the car down the street from her house so that I could
be close to her at night.

I don't think that's stalking, do you?

Well, I have no idea how long this fixation will last. I guess I'll save
all the money that I don't have that I would have spent in L.A. and
take what money I do have and drink some bourbons and have my
dog spayed.

As nice as Kathryn is, I have to get my dog spayed.

If this guy were really smart, he'd let
Kathryn drive. If you know what I mean.