La Bonita!

This might be a little bit too much information for some people, but I
had to mention it anyway.

Sasha, my new miniature dachshund, is now almost 8 months old. In fact
she will be 8 on March 10th. Well recently we noticed some strange
behavior and even more some physical things about her that indicated
that Sasha was having her first period.

Yes, my little girl is now a woman.

She is dealing with it pretty well. She is sleeping more, not playing
quite as much. But still begging for food and barking at odd noises.
Mostly, though, she just seems on the quiet side and has liked to stay
close to my mom for some reason — perhaps it's because she knows my
mom is female too and she needs another female in all of this.

It seems only yesterday that I was bringing her home from the kennel,
her clutched so tight to my shoulder, afraid of the world and strange
things. And so tiny.

But I have to tell you, I am so proud that she has developed into such
a well-behaved (mostly), incredibly smart, and very sweet little girl.

She does seem to want to continue working as my secretary in all of it,
though. I would have gladly given her a few days off; but she insists on
coming in part-time, lying on the back of my desk chair. What a little

Next month I have to take her into the vet to get her operation ('spading').
I don't even want to think about that one. I have a feeling I'm going to need
an entire bottle of booze the night she spends at the vet.