I was over at Angeliki's blog yesterday where
she did a post on Greek dance and somehow that
got mixed up in my brain with the musical Grease
and Olivia Newton John, probably due to the
minor brain damage I have almost certainly
incurred somewhere along the way.

Anyway, I decided to do a short post with some
Olivia photos.

Olivia Newton John Fast Facts:

DOB: September 26, 1948 (now age 60)
Birthplace: Cambridge, England; moved in 1954 to Australia
Sign: Libra

Her first album was If Not For You (1971)

Why I Like Olivia:

Total 70s fox
Crazy about animals

In the early 70s.

The almost mandatory red dress photo.

That's the kind of danger that I could live
with. (With John Travolta in Grease.)

And of course I had to include one with
the ABBA hair.

With a few of her animal friends.

"Outback 'Liv"

Olivia today. Now a 2YK fox.

I was originally going to put up some youTube
links as well, but I got lazy. If any of you
would like to link some Olivia and/or Grease
and/or John Travolta stuff in the Comments,
feel free.