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A reflection off my watch.

I was in the bathroom yesterday fooling around
with removing some old window blind brackets
from the window, when I looked over and saw a
bright, shiny form on the wall. It seemed to
move around and change shape a bit, like some
sort of poltergeist. It took me a minute, but
I finally realized that it was the reflection
of the sun outside the window onto my watch face.

Looking at it a minute, I was struck by the
similarity to something else I had seen.

The Ring Nebulae, M57.

It takes the light from the Ring Nebulae about
2300 years to reach the Earth.

The reflection of my watch wouldn't last nearly
as long. The earth moves, the sun moves, the clouds
flow hither and thither. And in fact a few minutes
later, after having grabbed my camera to take a
picture of it, the image on my wall had all but
disappeared and was impossible at most angles to
get back in any way.

But even in the universe things are always changing,
evolving, though we do not in most cases observe that
because we don't live long enough.

Perhaps it could be said that the Ring Nebulae is a
reflection also; a temporary, localized reflection
of something that exists eternally only in the
mind of the Creator.

Star trails, Gemini North Observatory,
Mauna Kea, Hawaii.