I love my country. And I have to admit that when I see the American flag
being burned in a foreign country it bothers me. It bothers me because
they don't love America like I do. It bothers me that we often do things
that make people so angry that they would want to set fire to it. Granted,
we can't conduct our foreign policy according to whether foreign peoples
are going to agree with it or not. It isn't a popularity pole. But we should
conduct the foreign relations of this country with the same sense of equity
and justice that we at least once held dear back in 1776. If we would stick
to that, we'd probably see a lot less flag burning.

As for Americans burning the flag I've simply never really understood
it. The flag is just a symbol anyway. Burning the flag does nothing to
change things. If people really wanted to change things they do what we
did back at the beginning of this country — pick up rifles and change it.

Not that elections aren't a good way to go, either.

Flag waving. There's been so much of that going on the past eight years.
I think this past election, for example, was at least in part a contest to
see how many damn flags could be put on the same stage at once. And
I remember a news conference held not too long ago by George W. Bush
where there must have been ten flags to each side of the lectern. What
do you call a group of flags that large? A herd? A flock? No, a pride
would be metaphorically closest, perhaps. I am a Patriot, a believer
in Liberty, and as I said I love my country. But it's just been damn
embarrassing lately.

Well, I just hope the heirs of Betsy Ross are still getting royalties
from her flag. Because they should be living large right now.