No matter how hard they tried, the soldiers
at the anti-aircraft emplacement just couldn't
seem to shoot down "that damn airplane."

Dracula was always irritable when his alarm
went off in the evening.

In order to pass down Officer Koblenz's
street, you had to pass his test.
And the test was a smile.

In the early days of the Hell's Angels,
the gang mainly just rode around and
stopped for lemonade.

At first Susan's pet tiger was a great
help in attracting interesting men. But
then, a year later, not so much.

Decked out in their new uniforms, Jules
and Georgi were ready to conquer the world.
Or at least the nearest candy store.

The ghost at the Seattle Public Library
was generally considered to be the weirdest
looking ghost people had ever come across.

The U.S. Navy WAVES couldn't wait to test
out their new invention: the "nurse torpedo."

It took Mr. Halbertson two years to teach
his new secretary Velma the principles of
typing. It would have taken three months
— but why rush things.

Some stylish hats, a duck whistle, and a
good quantity of gin — the Bonner sisters
were ready for their day at the beach.

On Wednesday at 3:00 P.M. Rolf did what he
did every Wednesday at that time: He went
out on the deck and waved goodbye to his
favorite zeppelin.

Mike sometimes felt frustrated by his
mentally challenged girlfriend. But
he loved her anyway.