Are you frequently mistaken for a rapist,
drug dealer, serial killer, or corporate CEO?
Could you use some additional money to
supplement your monthly income?

Then we urge you to consider a career as
a professional police lineup model.

With the growing crime rate in the U.S.
for both "blue-collar" and "white-collar"
crime, police agencies across the nation are
in great need of qualified people, and lineup
models have never been more in demand.

We at Morris Lineup Models, a subsidiary of
the famous William Morris modeling agency,
represent such famous lineup models as Vinnie
"The Tube" Sorvino, Robert Downey Jr., and
Dick Cheney.

No prior experience is required. If you
are physically and mentally capable of
holding up a cardboard sign with a number
on it for 15 minutes, and if you are truly
serious about your career as a professional
lineup model, then submit your resume (or
name and pager number on a post-it note)
to Morris Lineup Models and begin your new
and exciting career today!