The Ultra USB/Firewire PCI card.

Yesterday I took a couple of photos and then plugged the USB cable from
my Sony camera up to the USB outlet of my desktop computer. But Windows
just didn't seem to read the Memory Stick in the camera like it normally
does. After spending the good part of the afternoon trouble-shooting I
finally concluded that the PCI USB card must be shot.

So today I got online with Tiger Direct and ordered a new card. My old
card had 2 ports. This one has 4 USB ports plus 2 Firewire ports. I
don't know whether the card will work at optimal speed on my old mother-
board. But even if it doesn't I will have at at least 4X the number of
USB ports to use (or I guess I should say 2X the number I previously

The new board cost $15 USD plus another $7 for the shipping.

I just hope that it was in fact the card and not something wrong with
the motherboard itself. In which case I'm screwed.

A couple years ago I could have taken the bus up to my local CompUSA and
got a new card and had it installed the same day. But my old CompUSA closed
down, along with hundreds of other outlets here in the US. So now I'll have
to wait 4-6 mailing days for the new card to be shipped.

In the meantime, no photos from my camera on the blog.