The dragon's back.

Last night I caught an episode of Nature on PBS called "Andes:
The Dragon's Back
." It was a great program. South America has an
incredibly diverse mix of geological features, flora and fauna. It was
an area of the globe that I wasn't very familiar with except in the
archaeological sense, and I found the program fascinating.

I did catch one error, though. They said that one culture of people
there in South America had been on the continent for 20 000 years. In
fact the earliest archaeological evidence for humans in South America
is 15 000 B.P. — and even that has been disputed.

My favorite part of the episode were the penguins. In one segment they
showed a group of penguins trying to negotiate through a pack of sea
lions to get to the ocean. Evidently sea lions will eat penguins in the
water, but generally leave them alone on land. So it was fun to watch
this group of penguins rather brashly move their way through the herd.
At one point a penguin jumped up on top of one sea lion's back and down
again. The sea lion thought that was a little much — he leaned over
and bit the penguin on the butt. LMAO.

And the dances of the penguins and the flamingos were wonderful.