Dear Diary,

Well it is the 2nd day of the Great Swine Flu Epidemic and I have
been hiding out in my apartment with my mom and my dog Sasha,
hoping against hope that we will outlive this horror around us.

I have kept the windows closed. Because of the Swine Flu and also
because it is 45 frigging degrees out today. I did risk taking out a
couple bags of trash to the dumpster. I hope it doesn't prove to be
my undoing. Because it would really suck if I died because I decided
to take out the trash. I have also made good use of protective masks.
And I have avoided drinking water from the tap for fear that some
deadly pathogen will be contained in it. I watch coverage of the
plague on CNN and bite my nails. I've simply got to stop biting my
nails, I do too much of that. I spend time reading On The Beach.
The book has been a great comfort to me in these difficult times.

If I live till tomorrow I will rejoice, and will sacrifice a box of
Tyson spicy buffalo wings to Zeus. And maybe some potato salad.