Inspector Wallander (right) interviewing an informant.

Sunday night I was lucky enough to catch Kenneth
Branagh in a production of Sidetracked on PBS. The
movie was based on the novel of the same title by
Swedish writer Henning Mankell.

I had never come across Mankell before and I was very
glad for the introduction. His main character in Sidetracked
and other novels is homicide detective Inspector Kurt
Wallander. Besides Sidetracked Branagh has also filmed
two other Mankell novels — One Step Behind
and Firewall.

I think I want to read Firewall before I go watching it
on DVD. Sidetracked seems to suggest a whole Life-Sucks-
And-People-Die school of detective writing that reminds
me very much of classic noir. So it looks like a
new book is in my future.

Wallander working on a beard —
but not really, why bother.