The improved Hubble Space Telescope.

As most of you are probably aware NASA recently sent a crew up to
refurbish the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA had one old, crappy shuttle
on standby for this particular mission just in case the older and even
crappier one they sent up got into trouble somehow.

Once up in space, crew members of STS-125 then went about the task of
loading a new digital camera which is about the size of a coffin into the
old telescope which is about the size of a large school bus. Which I'm
sure will look great on their resume once they get back to earth and
apply for that job at Hennessy Funeral Home.

It's amazing that the Hubble is still operational, let alone receiving an
upgrade. Several years ago the telescope was scheduled to shut down. But
public interest and finally Congressional oversight kept the program going.
The result has been some of the most amazing images of the universe ever
seen. And the new camera holds even more promise.

We might very well be confined in a nutshell. But we can still travel the
firmament — in spite of bad dreams.