I was looking through a list of add-on Blackberry applications the
other day when I came across Phoney Call. This app lets you program
your Blackberry to ring at a predetermined time as if you are getting a
real incoming call.

If you have a meeting at 3:00 that you are simply not prepared for,
just use Phoney Call to ring at 3:10 and then tell them you have a
client that you have to take care of immediately. Or let's say you are
out on a date and know within 20 minutes that it's going nowhere. No
problem, you simply go back to the restroom and set the phone to ring
five minutes later and then tell your date that your Aunt Mildred is
dying and that you have to leave.

It seems that we can now have our machines lie for us. Or at least join
in the conspiracy. Which to me seems kinda…

Wait, I have a call. I'll get back with you later on this.