You know I think there was something that I was supposed to do tomorrow.

But I can't remember what it was. Have no idea whatsoever. There's just
this thought in my head that there was, in fact, something that I have
to do.

Which makes me wonder: If I can't remember what it was that I was
supposed to do, how do I really know it was only one thing? It could be
several or even many things that I can't remember that I was supposed
to do. My life could be going down the damn toilet and I might not even
know it.

I among literally billions of Americans suffer from Memory Access
Syndrome. In the old days MAS was known as CRSS — Can't Remember
Shit Syndrome. Unfortunatley there isn't much you can do for MAS.
What most doctors recommend to people with MAS is to cut back on
the alcohol and the drugs. They also recommend things like a to-do
list to aid the memory. I have to say though that it seems to me
(I can't remember exactly) that I tried the to-do list thing once
and that it didn't work out too well.

Well in another hour or so I think I'll just have a couple of beers.
Which isn't recommended, or course, but perhaps will make me feel
better about the whole thing. Who knows.

Maybe what I was supposed to do tomorrow
has something to do with Julianne Moore?
I sure hope so.