Ray Winstone.

I've dealt so much over the course of the years with actresses on
this blog. But what I would like to do here is take a completely
radical change of direction and mention my favorite actor.

God knows there is no shortage of great actors right now, especially
among the Brits. But over the past couple of years the actor that has
fascinated me the most is English actor Ray Winstone.

Winstone's career goes back 30 years now. Of that I have only seen a
very small number of his movies, unfortunately. He first attracted my
attention in the movie King Arthur with Clive Owen. Most recently I
managed to catch Sweeney Todd on the freebie movie channel. Winstone
was subtly creepy yet moving in the role of Todd — not an easy task
to make the two work together.

So Ray, here's a tip of a beer to you. And I'm looking forward to
seeing some more of your excellent work.