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My new Blackberry Curve 8330.

Well, it's here. Finally. After months and months of talking about it
and doing posts about it and mentioning it in just about every other
Comment I make, my new Blackberry is here.

I primarily choose the Blackberry for its keyboard. The device is
perfect for text. And considering that "typing" is pretty much what I
do these days, as you might have noticed from this blog, I decided that
the internet superiority of the iPhone took second place to the ability
to do text. And for that the Blackberry is a pleasure instead of a pain
to work with.

Every time I pick up the BB I think about the old Star Trek series and
the tricorders they used to have. The crew would beam down to some
exotic planet and Spock would whip out his tricorder and say something
like "Captain, I am reading an unidentified life form on the other
side of that rock outcropping." And then they would go to the other
side of the outcropping and Kirk would get into a fight with a big
lizard creature.

The Blackberry isn't the tricorder — at least not yet. But I can do
some very similar things. I can get the time and local weather and
temperature. I can find out information on the internet. I can catalog
new life forms (aka hot babes) at local shopping malls using the 2 MP
camera. And using the GPS feature, I can enter into strange new
neighborhoods and still locate the nearest pizza place.

So it looks like I'm good to go.

Beam me up, Scottie.

"Captain, I have just received a very important
e-mail from sexenhancementpills.com."