I was laying in bed last night and my mind kept returning to the post I
did just prior to this one, "We Happy Few." And it occurred to me that
what I had written there was horrible. At least in part horrible.

If you would have asked me not too far back I would have said that I
was one of the most non-judgemental people around; as well as one of
the most egalitarian. And I think there is still that in me. Which
perhaps explains why the last post bothered me.

But over the past years something happened. It was like a switch went
off and something happened.

I don't know what happened. But last night I was giving it some
thought. And I think that if I could explain it at all it would simply
be Ma'at. That over the last few years my soul, my ba, has stretched
out farther and farther to much colder realms. And that perhaps too
I am far closer to the scale of Anubis that I was before, more prone
to see everything against the balance of that one, light little feather.
And because of all of that, I am less able to tolerate the things around
me here.

Or maybe it's just the insanity explanation. Well, I guess I'll leave
that for others to judge.