Last year my mom got a circular fan on a stand over at our local
grocery store. The fan came in a box and needed "some minor
assembly" — meaning of course that it took me hours to get all of the
parts together. Making things tougher was the fact that the fan was
made in China and came with directions in Chinese and some wild
variant of medieval English.

We finally got the thing together. But even then the telescoping stand
had a tendency to collapse no matter how tightly I tightened the
doohickey on it (and I'm not sure but I think "doohickey" is the actual
technical name for the thing). So I was forced to get out the universal
polymer binding adhesive (duct tape) to keep the column from
collapsing. And when we finally plugged it in and got it turned on we
found that the thing had a tendency to vibrate a bit, and was noisy.

For all those reasons I soon dubbed the machine "Crazy Chinese Fan."
And the name just kind of stuck. "That crazy Chinese fan toooooooo
noisy!" I would say.

Well this week Crazy Chinese Fan finally gave up the ghost. The timing
actually couldn't have been better as my mom had just gotten a new fan
(this time a more traditional square window fan) a few days before.

I'm going to give the fan a proper burial. By taking it out to the trash
dumpster. I wish I could take it someplace where the metal and parts
could be recycled, but there's no way I could carry the fan on the bus
halfway across town.

So good-bye, Crazy Chinese Fan. And in some strange way you will
be missed.