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I just wanted to talk here about symptoms of pulmonary edema in the
context of Congestive Heart Failure for those that may be suffering
from it.

You should know first that I am not a doctor. And I'm not giving out
medical advice. I am simply a person with CHF who for years now has had
problems with the "bad mornings" associated with sleeping and pulmonary
edema. If you have these symptoms you will know exactly what I am
talking about.

Over the past week I have been taking Ascriptin (Maalox buffered aspirin)
for a mild toothache. I've been taking one 325 mg. tablet twice a day.
And I have found that over time the morning symptoms associated with the
edema have been greatly reduced. I cannot positively say that the improvement
has been due to the Ascriptin. It would take things like controlled clinical
studies to determine that. But what I can say is that I have been feeling
much better in the morning since being on the Ascriptin.

Certain patients cannot take aspirin, so BE SURE TO CONSULT WITH YOUR
PHYSICIAN before taking aspirin.