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When I was a young teen our television went out. Until it was fixed we
had to watch this little crappy television that only got 2 channels. One
night me and my sister were sitting around watching an old Gunsmoke
episode when I got bored. I started making jokes about the show and adding
my own dialog to the thing. It was fun. And it started a habit that I
continue even today if I happen to find a bad movie which is particularly
good for that kind of thing.

In 1988 a show came on called Mystery Science Theater 2000 (later
3000). In case you've never seen it, the set-up is that a man and his two
robots are trapped aboard a spaceship and forced to watch bad movies.
And as they watch them they poke fun of them.

The guys that did MST2000 were to my mind the masters of that type
of thing. I didn't start watching the show until 1991. But I became
immediately addicted to it. And I continued to enjoy the show until I
went back to school in 1998 and time became a premium commodity.

Last night I happened across this particular MST clip. Unlike the norm
it isn't a movie they sit through, but a very odd short. Wishing that
he would never see another spring in his life when his wife wants the
couch fixed, the main character in the short gets his wish. And let's
just say that when things reverse themselves and get back to normal
that the man becomes a little on the Obsessive Compulsive side about
the whole spring issue.

"That damn spring loving bastard!"


This post brought to you by the
International Spring Cartel.

And Bass Ale.