Yet another one.

While Lennon distracted Paul with a haircut,
Harrison implanted the Magic Melody Device
through McCartney's ear.

Unknown to most, Doris Day's involvement in
PETA was based upon a horrible memory that
she could not forget: The day she spray-painted
her poodles.

Little did Alice know that her simple purchase
of a new phonograph would bring her before the
House Committee on Un-American Activities.

The friends did not realize at the start of
their pleasurable day trip to the fjord that
their friend Vendela was depressed and suicidal
— and then it was too late.

"I see you are drinking a Coca-Cola!"

"Yes, I am!"

"And that's a very pretty dress you have on!"

"Why thank you!"

"And I particularly like your hat!"

"And yours is quite nice, too!"

The boys at the saloon were a bit distrustful
of the new "dagburn foreign devil game." But
they eventually became hooked anyway.

On August 14, 1944, Joan "Lady Godiva" Rogers
became the first woman ever to be barred from
Coney Island.

After their hangover wore off, Tom and Jeff
mainly just wanted to forget about their wild
weekend in Philadelphia.

In retrospect, the Moscow Gun Club decided
that having their photo taken in front of
the targets had been a terrible idea.

Suzie didn't quite understand how the whole
measuring thing fit in to her qualifications
as a Finnish language translator.

Charisse would never admit it to her friends,
but for a while she got most of her relationship
advice from a chubby clairvoyant squirrel named

When not cooking and cleaning for their busy
husbands, Nancy and Paulina and Becky would
sometimes go down to the beach, where they
would look at pictures of sexy models, and
stroke each other sensually, and sometimes
kiss, and…

Einstein couldn't help it. Any time someone
said the word "ether" he would burst out

Marlene applied heat from the hair dryer
to her hair hoping it would free up the
brush that had been unknowingly dropped
in the glue which she had used to repair
her hair dryer.