Yesterday I downloaded Google Mobile to my Blackberry. Now I could
access Google through my browsers, of course — Opera Mini and the native
Blackberry browser. But I thought that a Google shortcut with the icon
right on the menu might save me a step or two if I was going directly
to Google anyway.

The application downloaded quickly and installed without any problems.
I fired it up to try it out.

One thing I noticed on Google Mobile was that it had a voice activated
feature. You don't have to type in the search string, just speak it. Well
I've never been much into the whole voice activated stuff. And in fact I
have voice dialing turned off on my phone. But I decided that since I had
some time to mess with it, and simply because I was curious, I would try
it out.

In order to use the feature on the Blackberry I was told to depress and
hold the SEND key and then speak the search term into the device. So I
depressed the key.

"Paris Hilton" I said, making sure to enunciate as clearly as possible.

The little spinning wheel popped up as Google made the search. I held my
breath (okay, I actually didn't but I want to create some suspense here).

The results came back.

"Winston Churchill" I read in the Google results list. Over and over,
this or that hit for Winston Churchill. And not one single hit for
Paris, not even the Paris in France.


To be fair I should mention that I tried the voice search for Paris
Hilton again and the second time around did get hits for her.

After that I decided to google my own name.

"Edward Piercy" I said into the device.

What I got back were a bunch of hits dealing with tattoos and body
"piercings." No wonder I don't get more visitors to my blog than I
do. People start out kinda-sorta wanting to visit my blog, but then
become distracted by a photo of some girl getting her nipples pierced.

I mean, how can I complete with that?

Paris Hilton.

Now wait just one cotton pickin'
minute here…