Sasha, taken with my phone camera.
Pretty girl!

I don't want to bore or perhaps even frustrate
anybody, but some 3rd party seriously needs to
develop a new Device/Computer interface for the
Blackberry. Because Blackberry's Desktop Manager
is totally f***ked. It took me 30 minutes to get
this photo from my BB to my laptop, and in the
end the only way I could do it was to e-mail the
photo to myself from the phone and then go to my
mail account from the laptop and copy it from there.

And in related news, it seems that any type of
mobloging for a post involving pictures from my
phone is impossible. I tried it seven ways from
Sunday and even got some help from Furie, but it
just won't do it. My phone and Opera Mini just
aren't working together properly as far as
uploading images. Now I wouldn't be doing that
type of thing very often anyway; but it would
be nice to know that it is there if I want it.
But it isn't.